Rediscovering Fermented Foods

Understanding the power of live food (available in Spanish and English)

At Lantern, we believe that the time is now to rediscover these remarkable foods, from a functional and gastronomical point of view. This report will focus on only one category of fermented foods; those that maintain their micro-bacterial activity and still contain probiotic properties at the moment of consumption. These live foods contain unique and in many cases still unknown functional properties. And we know we´re not the only ones.

The startup world has recently detected the potential that these foods and drinks have, and whilst appearing highly modern, these products are actually centuries-old. They are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are discovering their flavor and their benefits.  

Large multinational companies like Red Bull, Coca Cola and General Mills are already working with fermented vegetables and drinks in countries where these products feature prominently in local cuisine and are a deep-rooted part of their culture.

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